What is your typical day working in WFM?

Can we say demanding or its just how you handle it?

Demanding sums it up - perhaps stressful, but as you say, I think that’s more about how you view your job and handle high-pressure environments.

Yet, it’s also about the customer service agents who are on the frontline - they’re the ones who have one of the most demanding jobs in the customer service profession.

I talk about this on the WFM Labs wiki, since our philosophies tie back to a people-first model. Relative to the front line customer service rep, they live on the far upper right corner of jobs plotted against two categories: resolution expectations & transaction predisposition .

Of course, since WFM supports these roles, our jobs have not only the core levels of stress associated with the WFM function, but that we’re serving people who are also under tremendous pressure. You can read more about this here: Interpersonal Relationships - WFM Labs

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