WFM Labs Exclusive: Benchmarking with Auriemma Roundtables


WFM Labs community members are invited to join us to learn about WFM Benchmarking!

On July 27th between 11am – 12pm EST, Auriemma Roundtables will be co-hosting an informational session on their Workforce Management Roundtable. For over 30 years, Auriemma Roundtables has been facilitating and executing quarterly benchmark reporting and executive meetings through their peer-to-peer consulting practice.

The Workforce Management Roundtable brings together a diverse set of companies focused on managing the WFM function in their respective contact centers to focus on strategies to maximize productivity and efficiency, including real-time management techniques, resource planning enhancements, WFM technology, forecast accuracy, and schedule optimization.

Quarterly Benchmarking

Roundtable members participate in benchmark studies to identify areas of under or over-performance in comparison with peers. The WFM benchmark includes over 140+ unique KPIs. Results are anonymized and published via our proprietary VIZOR platform.

Sample Metrics Include:

Average Speed to Answer, Average Handle Time, Abandon Rates, IVR Resolution Rates, Service Levels, Occupancy Rate, Productive-to-Paid Time

Schedule Adherence, Shrinkage, Involuntary & Voluntary Attrition.

Community Members can sign up here!