Staffing Issues

What are the possible action plan if the area that you are monitoring are having staffing challenges due to weather related issues?

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It is on a case-to-case basis. For example, a single LOB is being handled by 3 sites. If only one of the 3 sites are affected by the inclement weather, we could ask the agents on the remaining sites to render OT to cover the site which is experiencing the weather issue.

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Bad weather resulting transport problems can lead to a large number of employees being absent from or late for work.

From my previous centre, we used to advise operations and email blast about upcoming typhoons as an extra mile and work on informing team members so that they can plan ahead of time and this reduces and helps lower absenteeism and in-adherence. As for O/U in staffing, scheduling optimisation is also helpful, real time adjustments of breaks and lunch helps if we’re expecting high volume due to high absenteeism. If you have specialised teams, like Outbound and Back Office teams, we can also advise the operations to have them cover for the under. If necessary, we can also solicit OTs to cover for the lost hours.

To reduce the impact of bad weather, you should plan ahead. Think about issues such as alternative working patterns or who can cover at short notice.

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For me my action plan might be if the weather is affecting transportation, consider providing transportation support to help employees commute to work safely. If possible, provide accommodations at or near the worksite to help staff avoid dangerous travel conditions. We can allow staff to work remotely or offer flexible working hours to accommodate their needs during challenging weather conditions. This can help maintain productivity while ensuring employee safety. Actually this happen mostly from worst case scenario.