I have three wishes and one of them is redefining WFM. How do I do that?

WFM Professionals! I have a question for you. If you could design the “perfect” staffing process what would it look like? Specifically, I am looking for thoughts on how you would accomplish the following if you could snap your fingers and make it happen?

What do you think the minimal lead time you would LIKE to have for adding or removing resources? Keeping in mind we, generally need to plan at least weeks if not months in advance what would you perfect scenario be?

How would you incentivize agents to be available and ready to fill the most critical intervals? Is it simply a matter of $$ or is there some other way to incentivize agents? For example would giving them more autonomy be a solution?

How involved would YOU as a WFM professional WANT to be in the process? Or put another way would this be a fully autonomous or semi autonomous process?

What do you consider the 3 most difficult aspects of aligning staff (Supply) with incoming contacts (Demand)?