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There are cases wherein WFM will still be required to provide an RCA on missed intervals even if the end of day goal was met. Do you think it is still needed?

I think the reason why is that they are tracking the possible scenarios so in the future they may be able to prevent this to happen.

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Yes. It is critical so we can identify potential risks and work on the underlying causes from the failed intervals. By addressing such, we solve problems in a more effective manner and prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

You should have interval level reporting to let you know the volume vs forecast and AHT. That is a good place to start. Shrinkage and other agent behaviors can also have an impact. So it is good to know these things but I am not sure an RCA is needed if it did not impact you daily goals.


That could be true to some extent. If the performance metrics like volume, forecast, and AHT are consistently meeting or exceeding targets, there might not be an immediate need for an RCA. However, it’s essential to keep monitoring these metrics and be proactive in understanding potential issues or areas for improvement.