Calculating Idle in an async environment

Greetings WFM gurus and brainiacs! I am curious if anyone has solved the riddle of calculating Idle time in servicing channels that allow for concurrency such as eChat and SMS. I’ve done some digging on the topic over the past couple of years but have failed to find a reliable method to calculate real Idle when the total volume of handle time can exceed the minutes allowable in any given interval. Looking for some help.

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Hello - I agree - getting to things like Idle Time or Occupancy when working with Chat or Email can be tricky. I think it is mostly because of how AHT is calculated. If you use the start time of a chat to the end time of a chat as the AHT but you have 2 chats going - then the total time could be more than the interval. But we know in reality that the agents is not typing in both of the chats at the same time. So you would have to be able to track the amount of time the agent is actually active in each chat window. This my require some kind of Desktop productivity software. If you then find out that the agent was actually only typing in each chat window for 10 minutes each then you have 20 minutes of active time in the 30 minute interval. Just my thoughts.


Thanx Mark. I do agree that, at the moment, the solution appears to rest in the hands of the “product developers” (NICE, Genasys, Verint, et. al.) and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I do think we, as an industry, will need to be the ones to drive development by unifying our voices. One of the things that most excites me about WFM Labs is the potential for us to control the narrative and direction of workforce management. Ted’s given us a great springboard and I’m hopeful that we coalesce around this platform to be the change we need in this industry.


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Why is the Average Talk Time measure important?

Hello - Average Talk Time is a component of Average Handle Time along with Hold Time and After call work. In order to reduce or improve AHT, it is important to look at each of the 3 elements to see where the best course of action would be. If you have the technology to do so, you also would want to look inside the talk time to see how much of that time is spent with the Agent talking, the customer talking or the time where no one is talking.