Balancing Volumes and Staff Coverage

How do I calculate the right balance between my contact volumes and staff coverage?

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Hello - this can be a very long and detailed issue to explain but I am going to break it down to the basics. You start by knowing (or forecasting) When, How Much, and How Long. By that I mean, When: What is your arrival pattern? How many contacts are you expecting to get per interval (usually 30 min) throughout you hours of operation. Once you know the pattern, you can determine how many contacts you are expecting each day and spread that across those intervals to get a line of sight in to how many contact you will get every interval. Then comes how long: this is you handle time - how long will it take to handle each contact, including any past contact wrap up time. Once you have those three things, you can starting looking at how many agents it will take to meet that interval level requirement. Staffing and scheduling is a whole thing unto itself. So more to come on that.